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I've been in the hospitality & meetings business for over 30 years. My career started during college, as I owned a night club while obtaining my BS in Hospitality Management at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas. After breaking up yet another fight, I decided it was time to spend my time in a testosterone-free atmosphere, and migrated to the cinnamon roll business

After opening and operating cinnamon roll stores, I began my hotel management career, joining Red Lion Hotels as a Director of Housekeeping. From there I transferred around the chain as a Beverage Manager, Night Manager, Food and Beverage Manager and Assistant General Manager.

I left Red Lion to become a General Manager of a hotel in beautiful Mount Vernon, WA - where our two boys were born! After six years of managing, the company transferred me to Salt Lake City to oversee the construction and management of a new hotel, then become the VP Operations for The CottonTree Hospitality Group.

After arriving home from work one day, Betsy asked me if I’d be open to traveling around the U.S. for a year. After much contemplation, I decided what the heck, and we left with our kids to discover the country to find the perfect place to live, bringing us back to my childhood home of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where we've resided since 2002.

The trip gave me a unique knowledge of various parts and people throughout our country, which now helps me identify great destinations for our clients.

I love working with our guests and enjoy creating memorable events throughout the world. There is so much to see and do in this glorious world, that our most difficult task is limiting the number of destinations and activities to manageable numbers!




My love for travel started as a young girl when my family spent a year traveling the world. Having been exposed to different cultures, incredible destinations and family bonding, I became hooked on travel early on!

We spent two years sailing the South Pacific between my freshman and sophomore years of high school. Yet again, I was exposed to various cultures, cuisine and wonderful people.

I love working with our clients to foster creative solutions to their meeting and event wishes. Having owned and operated a home staging business for more than a decade, the creative side of meetings and events is right up my alley!

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