What do YOU need?

We will meet with you to determine what is important to YOU with destinations, sites, meeting objectives, tours & activities, etc.

  • We’ll build a Request For Proposal based on your goals & objectives
  • Identify prospective locations based on your goals & objectives -- national and international destinations
  • Research, analyze and provide a summary analysis of proposals.
  • Arrange hotel and venue site inspections, review and evaluate final sites
  • Contract negotiation including concessions, A/V, meeting/event space rental, staff rooms, cancellation, attrition agreements, etc.
  • Contract review, recommendation, and finalization

Put our team's broad first-hand knowledge of destinations, hotels, convention centers, specialty venues and more into your conference/event planning toolbox!

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Destination Management Services

Our team of industry professionals is here to create the best travel experience possible for your guests.

Meeting and Event Planning Services

The detailed blueprint for planning success of your program starts with the team at Framework!

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